Nice to meet you. I am Ruben van Bambost.
I love to design digital or physical services, enriching companies & brands with innovations based on customer insight.
I believe strongly in merging qualities from the fields of service and digital design and am passionate about both. Currently I am working as UX designer at Fabrique.



Amex GBT wanted to rethink the way customer experiences their services and how they interact with Amex during their journeys and the booking process. They asked Livework to design three concepts that could aid their strategy for servicing their clients in the future, based on gathered insights.

Client                                            Year                                   Agency
GBT                                    2017                                   Livework Studio
Service design 
(interviews, customer journey mapping, service strategy concepts)

Livework Press pic


I was born May 15th, 1995, in Nijkerk, the Netherlands and graduated with a bachelor in digital communcations and media.  

By designing a digital experience, be it a screen, an application or something entirely different, I have the feeling I can provide people a great experience by truly understanding their contexts and needs. 

I love how small details can make a big change, for the good and bad. They can create the unique engagement in interactions that a design has with its users. What I bring to the table is my understanding of needs that arise when using a service, be it digital or physical. In digital design, my service experience allows me to keep track of a cohesive journey when working on, enabling me to have an overview of the whole experience instead of one screen. In service design, I use my digital experience to keep insights tangible and try to make the work easy to operate with and ready to implement.

I still try to gain more skills in both the visual design and interaction area and I am eager to explore further and look beyond to what we'll be designing in the future. I'll be here for a while.

Worked at

UX Designer

Fundamentals academy
Design students coach

Livework studio
Service designer

Design Innovation Group (DIG)
Graduate design intern
Digital designer

Worked for

360 Interactive - Ontdek Meesterwerken 
App - Make your own tour

Staatsloterij & Lotto
Design of the 'My tickets' environment
(currently in development)

Design of an data & optimalization tool
for newsrooms

Visual design & storytelling

Customer journeys, prototyping a self-help guide and lifecycle mapping
Website design

GVB Amsterdam
Testing and refining the newly designed ticket vending machines 

Awards and nominations

Golden & People's Lovie Award
Rijksmuseum - Discovery Masterpieces
(Virtual Gallery tour)

Silver Spin Award 2019 | Digital Service Idea
SmartOcto Tentacles

T500 - Part of the most talented in tech under 25 list
Personal award

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Looking forward to your 'hey!':
rubenvanbambost (at) gmail (dot) com